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Christiane Brosius and Axel Michael accompany German Federal President on Travels in India

Mar 21, 2018

Profs. Christiane Brosius and Axel Michaels joined the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during his state visit to India. Both professors, who are respected experts on India, were part of the official scientific delegation from March 22-24 and participated in the program held by the Federal President and his wife.

On the first day, Axel Michaels accompanied Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Varansi, where the President visited the Archaeological Museum and the Buddhist place Sarnath, amongst other landmarks. Steinmeier also spoke with students of the Benares Hindu University about religious diversity. On the same day, Christiane Brosius joined Steinmeier’s wife, Elke Büdenbender, for a private program.

On the second day, the delegation visited the Friday mosque and Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave a talk at the University of Delhi and engaged in discussion with representatives of the civil society, sciences, and the economy. The third day was dedicated to receptions and a meeting with the Indian president and the prime minister, as well as meetings with high-ranking personalities from public life. The German Federal President's state visit concluded on March 26.

Prof. Christiane Brosius is the professor for Visual and Media Anthropology at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies and the speaker of Research Area B "Public Spheres" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context".

Prof. Axel Michaels is a former director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" and a senior professor at the South Asia Institute. He is also a managing director of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS).


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  • Federal President Steinmeier and First Lady Büdenbender with Prof Amrita Narlikar (GIGA), Prof Axel Michaels (University Heidelberg – left) and Christian Schneider (UNICEF – right) © Stephanie Benke

  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius and Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels picture: Kommunikation und Marketing, Universität Heidelberg