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Xiaobao Entertainment Newspapers - Free access to first set of newspapers

Sep 20, 2011

The project has now opened the database and offers free access to the first set of 22 xiaobao entertainment newspapers. 

The database “HRA11 Chinese Entertainment NewspapersChinese Entertainment Newspapers” focuses on a special type of newspaper known as 小報  or entertainment newspaper. It first appeared in China in the 1890s and was inspired by Western entertainment tabloids. While little studied, its impact on the formation of popular culture and of urban lifestyle for the first half of the 20th century has been all-pervasive.

Purpose of the database is to introduce Chinese entertainment newspapers as an important primary source for research on late Qing and Republican period cultural and social history. It is designed to present information about the particular profile of a given entertainment paper, and to highlight the kinds of information that might be found there.

Access to the database: xiaobao.uni-hd.de


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