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Book in Honour of Subrata Mitra

Jan 15, 2015

"Politics in South Asia" is a festive publication (Festschrift) in honor of Prof. Subrata Mitra. It was edited by Siegfried O. Wolf, Jivanta Schöttli, Dominik Frommherz, Kai Fürstenberg, Marian Gallenkamp, Lion König, and Markus Pauli. The book identifies new, emerging areas of research, presents fresh research by political scientists and area specialists and represents a broad survey of scholarship.

The book introduces central themes that have preoccupied the field of South Asian politics over the last few decades and identifies new, emerging areas of research. Presenting both general political theory and context-specific case studies, the collection draws attention to the methodological challenges of working on an area-specific theme and the importance of generating generalizable insights linked to theory. Hence it will be of interest for political scientists working on South Asian politics as well as on other non-Western societies. The collection represents an unusually broad survey of scholarship emerging from a range of leading academic centres in the field.

"Politics in South Asia" - 204 pages - was published by Springer in early 2015. It is available as a hardcover book as well as in PDF format. The volume was edited by Dr. Siegfried O. Wolf, Dr. Jivanta Schöttli, Dominik Frommherz, Kai Fürstenberg, Marian Gallenkamp, Dr. Lion König, and Markus Pauli in honour of Prof. Mitra.

Subrata Mitra is Professor of Political Science and Head of the Department of Political Science at Heidelberg University' South Asia Institute. At the Cluster, he was Speaker of Research Area A "Government & Administration" and coordinator of the research project A1 "Citizenship as Conceptual Flow".


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