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Book on the First Russian Revolution

Nov 04, 2013

A new volume on the Russian revolution of 1905 is now available. In the book, this key event in the history of Russia is approached from a transcultural perspective, for the first time. It was co-edited by five scholars, including the two Cluster members Dr. Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler.

The volume is titled “The Russian Revolution of 1905 in Transcultural Perspective: Identities, Peripheries, and the Flow of Ideas”. It focuses on the Revolution of 1905 as a critical juncture in modern Russian history and offers a fresh approach by treating the revolution as a transnational and transcultural phenomenon. In five sections, “Shifting Identities,” “Revolution and Civil Society,” “Center and Peripheries,” “The Revolution in Media and Culture,” and “The International Dimension and Flows of Concepts and Ideas,” the essays combine a wide range of analyses to explore transcultural entanglements and expand our understanding of the first Russian Revolution. Frank Grüner’s article in the volume focuses on the revolutionary events in the Manchurian City of Harbin. Susanne Hohler’s contribution deals with right wing movements in Russia after 1905.

"The Russian Revolution of 1905 in Transcultural Perspective: Identities, Peripheries, and the Flow of Ideas." - 343 pages - was published in 2013 by Slavica Publishers, Bloomington, Indiana. The book is edited by Felicitas Fischer von Weikersthal, Frank Grüner, Susanne Hohler, Franziska Schedewie, and Raphael Utz.

The basis for this book was an international conference titled "Rethinking the Russian Revolution of 1905: Crisis, Context, Comparisons". The conference was financed by the Cluster and took place in Heidelberg in 2009. It was organised to mark the 65th birthday of Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dietrich Löwe, former holder of the Chair in East European history at Heidelberg University. His former students who organised the conference also edited this volume.

Both Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler are members of the Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”. Frank Grüner led the Junior Research Group B10 “Harbin”, of which Hohler was a member. Frank Grüner now is the coordinator of MC 11.2 “Melancholy”, while Susanne Hohler joined MC 6 “Global Fascism”.

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