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Audiovisual Presentation of the Annual Conference 2013

Dec 20, 2013

The multimedia slideshow presents a variety of photos and interviews with lecturers and participants at the conference. The keynote lecturers Prof. Michael Broers (Oxford University) and Prof. Carol Gluck (Columbia) give insights to their lectures.

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The audiovisual presentation includes selected interviews with keynote lecturers and panel speakers at the conference. The interviewed keynote speakers are Prof. Michael Broers (Oxford), who presents his lecture on Napoleon´s reign over Europe, and Prof. Carol Gluck (Columbia), who speaks on modernity and Japan. Furthermore, panelist speakers Yan Haiping (Shanghai/Ithaca) and Jivanta Schöttli (Heidelberg) present their case studies on China and India respectively. In addition, Carolin Liebisch, member of research project “Subaltern Diplomacy” describes how digital tools enhance transcultural research.

The edited interviews and the audiovisual slideshow were produced by Daniela Hochstätter. The photos were taken by Daniela Hochstätter and Verena Vöckel. Multimedia slideshows are useful tools to present scientific topics by visualizing them with photos and audio.

The Annual Conference "Managing Empires. Cooperation, Competition, Conflict" of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" took place from October 9-11, 2013 and welcomed over 200 participants from all around the world. The conference was organised by Prof. Dr. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos and researchers from Research Area A "Governance & Administration": Prof. Dr. Harald Fuess, PD Dr. Susan Richter, David Mervart (PhD) and Sebastian Meurer.


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