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5th Annual Conference Panel: Premodern Empires between Universal Claims and Regional Administration

Oct 10, 2013 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Organizer: A27 "World Orders"
KJC, Room 212

In the panel at the Cluster's Annual Conference "Managing Empires" we want to discuss the potential ambivalence between imperial claims and (limited) possibilities of their implementation in premodern times. As this discrepancy is especially relevant in times of crises, the three papers will focus on periods of rather low imperial assertiveness.

Chair: Klaus Oschema (Heidelberg University - Department of History)

1| Regaining what empire? Spatial concepts and political discourse in Southern Song China (1127-1279)
Martin Hofmann (Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe“)

 2| An empire vanishes - imperial concepts vs. political reality in late medieval Byzantium
Michael Grünbart (University of Münster)

 3| Empire on the Edge – Imperial claims and political strategies in the Roman-German Empire (13-15th c.)
Christoph Mauntel (Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe“)