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Film Projects

The films shown on this page give an insight into the research activities at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University. They are either produced by research projects or by single members and illustrate activities at the Cluster.

Key Visual of the Conference

Video Clip about "Imaging Disaster"

This video clip about the conference “Imaging Disaster” introduces the main issues that were discussed during the event in March 2012. It focuses in particular on a photo exhibition of disaster... read more

TV Interview with Susan Richter about her Book

Dr. Susan Richter of the Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" talks with Alexander Kluge about her book "Thronverzicht. Die Abdankung von Monarchien vom Mittelalter... read more

Filmed Lecture of Barbara Mittler

The University of Bayreuth shows a film on a lecture by Prof. Barbara Mittler. She talked about the introduction of European Opera into other regions of the world with a focus on China.  read more

Films on Ritual Dynamics

Seven short films cast a light on a variety of rituals practiced in different historical and contemporary cultures and explain the development of theoretical approaches in the science of rituals. The... read more

Konzertreihe: Von fremden Ländern und Menschen

Li Hsin-Yi, Dr. Dietlind Wünsche und Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg) present a concert in 10 episodes   read more

Film shot at Caricature Workshop in Egypt

A film about Caricatures and Satire in Egypt was shot during a scientific workshop held in March 2011. The workshop was organised by members of research project B1 "Satire" in... read more

Meet me in Harbin! (2011)

The film “Meet me in Harbin!” follows the conference and summer school organised by the Cluster’s research project B10 in the city of Harbin, China, in June 2009. The subject of the conference was... read more