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Film Projects

The films shown on this page give an insight into the research activities at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University. They are either produced by research projects or by single members and illustrate activities at the Cluster.

Film about Literary Memory in Taiwan

This film about the workshop “Forging Literary Memory in Taiwan: The Commemoration of Writers in Museum Space” introduces the main issues that were discussed during the event in December 2015. The... read more

Film on Exhibition "Atlantis"

The film reports on the exhibition  "Von Atlantis bis heute – Mensch. Natur. Katastrophe" taking place in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums Mannheim. read more

Trailer promoting the Exhibition "Atlantis"

The film promotes the exhibition "Von Atlantis bis heute – Mensch. Natur. Katastrophe" taking place in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums Mannheim. read more

Film of the Concert "Tango meets Taiwan"

This film shows the concert "Tango meets Taiwan" by the Trio Piazzolla from Germany and the Chin Yuan Chinese Orchestra from Taiwan. The musical performance took place at Heidelberg... read more

Film on the M.A. Transcultural Studies

The film introduces the M.A. Transcultural Studies, an interdisciplinary and trans-regional programme focused on Asia and Europe at Heidelberg University.  read more

Documentaries by Niels Gutschow and Axel Michaels

Prof. Niels Gutschow and Prof. Axel Michaels have produced a number of documentaries on restoration and rituals in India, Nepal and Japan. Shot by cameraman Christian Bau, the films have been... read more

Film on cooperation between Research Center "Ritual Dynamics" and DFG Science TV

Campus TV reports about the cooperation between the Cluster-affiliated research centre 619 "Ritual Dynamics" and DFG Science TV. Together, they produced seven short films about the variety... read more