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Film on Intellectual History with Joachim Kurtz

This film introduces the work of the Chair of Intellectual History held by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz. It shows the different approaches to the discipline and introduces various research projects conducted by scholars at the Chair.

Flash is required!

How conditions of knowledge production and knowledge circulation changed during different historic periods and in different cultural and social contexts is the key question Intellectual History is concerned with. The understanding of knowledge in Intellectual History does not only include theoretical insights, but also practical and technical skills. Therefore, knowledge can be grasped not only in the form of texts and written sources, but also in objects and actions.

The Cluster’s Chair of Intellectual History is designed to add a transcultural dimension to the discipline. Researchers aim to not only learn more about processes of translation, diffusion and appropriation in order to gain a deeper understanding how meanings are generated and transformed within and between different languages, cultures, regions and milieus.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz holds the Cluster’s Chair of Intellectual History. His research focuses on cultural and intellectual exchanges between China, Japan and Europe, with special emphasis on practices of argumentation, logic, political theory, rhetoric, translation studies, and historical semantics. 

The film portrait was produced by Christoph Bertolo and Frank Pfeiffer of FlexX Film Dienst.

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