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Jun 21, 2017 - Jun 22, 2017
University of Copenhagen | Sound Studies Lab

Organiser: Sound Studies Lab (Copenhagen) in collaboration with the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology and the Forum Urban Spaces (Heidelberg)

Conference: “OUT OF SPACE? Erratic, Ephemeral & Emerging Cultural Practices in Illegal, Illegitimate or Intangible Locations. A Conference on Sound Studies, Sensory Ethnography & Media Anthropology”

University of Copenhagen
Sound Studies Lab
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Karen Blixensvej 1
2300 København S

Spatial studies have developed rapidly in the recent decades – in the same way as various new approaches of conceptual debates and innovative research in visual, cultural and social anthropology (Brosius/Wenzlhuemer 2010, Hou 2013, Bull/Les Back 2003, Papenburg/Schulze 2016). This development almost seems to have reached a certain closure in the 2000s after the very vibrant debates of the 1980s and 1990s. Regarding the recent political changes in the USA and also in European nations more and more renegotiations of previously secure spaces for minorities and rather vulnerable social groups are being discussed: This time through the lens of new areas of interdisciplinary research as transcultural studies and sound studies. It seems timely and urgent to explore the roles of illegitimate and marginalised locations in various cultural spheres from these differing angles.

The conference titled “OUT OF SPACE? Erratic, ephemeral & emerging cultural practices in illegal, illegitimate or intangible locations” takes an approach on interstitial, peripheral or vernacular in-between spaces from two institutional and disciplinary angles: the Chair for Visual and Media Anthropology at Heidelberg University & the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. These settings team up to tackle questions such as how the history the, language and the culture constitute generative locations and emerging practices; how the concept of image and imagery can be expanded into these new areas of cultural inquiry by considering situated and embodies images in transcultural and multisensory encounters. This is represented in the four sections of the conference: Food Emplacements Artistic Spatialities & Identities Borders & Mobilities Subversive and Alternative (Urban) Space.

For more information and the program please visit the conference homepage.


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