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Guest lecture: "The Bogey-Man of Area Studies: Reading South Asia in Contemporary Times"

Perera┬┤s forthcoming publication
Feb 06, 2019 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Organiser: South Asia Institute and Professorship of Global Art History

Speaker: Prof. Sasanka Perera (South Asia University, Delhi) with Dev Nath Pathak


By placing in context the twin histories of areas studies that emerged during the European colonial and expansion as well as after the end of World War II and briefly surveying the critiques levelled against these approaches, the presentation seeks to argue for a new kind of approach to read South Asia. It argues that this approach should ideally not be bound by disciplinary or geo-political boundaries in the region, but should be guided by thematics that run across these borders and over time.  The approach emerges from recent and continuing work undertaken by a group of sociologists a South Asian University in New Delhi necessitated by their research and pedagogic needs as well as politics.

About the speaker:

Sasanka Perera is Professor of Sociology at South Asian University, New Delhi. He is the Editor of Society and Culture in South Asia (co-published with Sage India). Some of his publications in English include the following: Sociology and Social Anthropology in South Asia: Histories and Practices (co-edited with Ravi Kumar and Dev Nath Pathak, Orient Black Swan, New Delhi, 2018); Culture and Politics in South Asia: Performative Communication (co-edited with Dev Nath Pathak, Routledge, London; 2018); Warzone Tourism in Sri Lanka: Tales from Darker Places in Paradise (Sage, New Delhi; 2016); Violence and The Burden of Memory (Orient Black Swan, new Delhi; 2015). His forthcoming books include, Against the Nation: Thinking like South Asians (co-written with Dev Nath Pathak and Ravi Kumar: Bloomsbury; scheduled for 2019); Intersections of Contemporary Art, Anthropology and Art History in South Asia: Decoding Visual Worlds (co-edited with Dev Nath Pathak; Palgrave Macmillan, New York, scheduled for 2019) and Fear of the Visual?: Anthropology, Photography and Ways of Seeing (Orient Black Swan, New Delhi; scheduled for 2020).


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