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Guest Lecture: "Mapping the intellectual public sphere in China today"

Oct 28, 2019 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm


Prof. David Ownby (University of Montréal) and Prof. Joshua A. Fogel (York University)


China’s increasing prominence on the global stage has caused consternation and controversy among Western thinkers, especially since the financial crisis of 2008. But what do Chinese intellectuals themselves have to say about their country’s newfound influence and power? Our panelists will open the window into public debate in China today on fundamental questions of China and the world - past, present and future. They'll explore questions such as the relationship of political and economic reforms; the distinctiveness of China's history and what to take from it's traditions; what can or should be learned from the West; and how China fits into today's eruption of populist anger and challenges to the global order.

About the speakers:

David Ownby is Professor of Chinese history at the University of Montréal. He is the editor and translator of Xu Jilin’s Rethinking China’s Rise: A Liberal Critique (2018), among other works.

Joshua A. Fogel is Canada Research Chair in Modern Chinese Studies at York University. His many books include Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creation of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations (2014).


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