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Workshop: "HeKKsaGOn Young Scholars Workshop on Transcultural Encounters"

Sep 11, 2019

Graduate Students participate from the universities of Tohoku, Osaka, Kyoto, Heidelberg and Göttingen. Organised by Professors Ono (Tohoku), Yoshida (Osaka) and Kamm (Kyoto)


Session 1:    09:00-10:30
Section on Cultural Studies (Chair: Dr. Nora Bartels/Heidelberg)

  • Yu-Hsin CHANG: Identity, Narrative, and Invention: Constructions of the Origin of Taiwanese Literary Modernism (Heidelberg University)
  • Yoko KAGAMI: Metaphorical meanings of color terms in Japanese and other languages (Tohoku University)
  • Teppei YAMAMOTO: The “Average Man” and German-Language Literature in the 19th and 20th Century. (Osaka University)

BREAK 10:30-11:00

Session 2 11:00-12:30 Section on History and Memory (Chair: Dr. Takuma Melber/Heidelberg)

  • Miki MATSUI: The Changing Face of Divinity: Foreign Contact and the Transformation of Worship in Heian Japan (Tohoku University)
  • Koto FUKUNAGA: Wie wurde das Stauffenberg-Attentat in den 1950er und -60er Jahren in der Bundeswehr bewertet? Vom Verräter zum Held. (Osaka University)
  • Jianlin ZHANG: Will there be a final apology between Japan and Korea? (Heidelberg University)

LUNCH 12:30-14:00

Session 3 14:00-15:30 Section on China in Global History (Chair: Dr. Takahiro Yamamoto/Heidelberg)

  • Shuangyue BAO: Comparative analysis of pig culture: A case from Eastern Inner Mongolia, China and Okinawa Japan (Tohoku University)
  • Andreas Günter WEIS: The Sino-German Dimensions of China’s ‘Third Party’ between the early 1920s and the World War II Era (Göttingen University)
  • Jia XIE: Shaping the spiritual community -- the aesthetics in Manchukuo under the slogan “Five Races Under One Union”(Heidelberg University)

BREAK 15:30-16:00
Session 4 16:00-18:00 Section on Multiculturalisms in Society (Chair: Dr Jaok Kwon-Hein/Heidelberg)

  • Mhairi MONTGOMERY: Constructing (Trans)locality: Ainu Spaces in Tokyo (Heidelberg University)
  • Hanbark KIM: Rethinking Legal Pluralism in the Qing Empire: The Case of Exile Punishments (Kyoto University)
  • Datong Qiu: Encounters, Cooperation and Competition: Chinese merchants in Hakodate in the late 19th century (Heidelberg University)
  • Ruobing FANG: Chinese Students in Early Twentieth-Century Japan (Göttingen University)

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