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Workshop: "Tibet Cultural Day"

Jun 01, 2019
Organiser: Professorship of Buddhist Studies

The workshop, organized by the Professorship of Buddhist Studies and the students of Classical and Colloquial Tibetan, aims at spreading knowledge about Tibet and its cultural manifestation. It will include talks, games, food tasting, and movie screening.


10.00-11.00: Welcome word, followed by an interactive discover of Tibetan language(s)

12.30-13.00: Presentation of “Khache Phalu’s advices” (ཁ་ཆེ་ཕ་ལུའི་བསླབ་བྱ།), a classic of Tibetan literature, by Jamie G. Creek (Heidelberg University)

14.30-15.30: " ཚེ་ཐར། The ritual liberation of animals lives in pastoral communities of Amdo, Tibet", by Maria Coma (Inalco, Paris & Universitat de Barcelona)

15:30-16.15: གབ་ཚིག་གི་འགྲན་སྡུར། Traditional Riddle´s contest, with small prizes to win

16.15-17.45: "Royal Café”, a movie about the Tibetan diaspora - in the presence of the director བསྟན་འཛིན་ཟླ་གསལ། Tenzin Dasel


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