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International Workshop: "Recalibrating Culture – Reconfiguring the (Trans-)Cultural"

Nov 22, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018 01:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Organiser: Barbara Mittler (Sinologie); Philipp Stoellger (Systematische Theologie)

Thinking through and beyond (i.e.: trans) established understandings of culture, the
International Workshop Recalibrating Culture – Reconfiguring the (Trans-)Cultural sets out to rethink notions of culture, hitherto conceived as self-contained, and clearly separable, man-made and stable units. Taking a critical view of this perspective, Heidelberg has for many years developed the transcultural approach. In this workshop, we offer to expand and critically evaluate, as well as to theorize the transcultural from a visual perspective: expanding visual culture into visual transculturality and reconsidering the transcultural from the visual. In doing so, we add new dimensions of thinking the transcultural.

1. There is a profound need to revise the (often pejorative) concepts of ‘culture’, ‘nature’ and ‘human’ and to recalibrate the transcultural. We engage in critical revisions of the new ‘post-culturalisms’, such as neo-naturalisms, post-humanisms and techno-centrisms, practicing something one could call a post-anthropocentric media studies.

2. Our specific approach is through ‘visual media.’ We study the visibility of transcultural relations for example in art, politics, economies and religions with respect to their material figurations, images, embodiments etc.

3. Our particular focus is on conflictive relations, as we highlight the agonisms and antagonisms in, between and beyond cultures in the visual manifestations of transcultural relations (Deutungsmachtkonflikte, symbolic and iconic
power conflicts).

You can find the program below:


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