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Workshop: Kyoto: Race and Gender

Dec 01, 2017


DAAD-JSPS Kyoto-Heidelberg Joint Research Project “Entangled Pasts in the Global Present: Gender, Labor and Citizenship”

SESSION ONE 12:30-15:00: Making Gender: Is biology destiny? Chair: Inken Prohl (Heidelberg)
Harald Fuess (Heidelberg) Welcome
1.    Yoko Nagahara (Kyoto) "Tradition" and Gender in Northern Namibia
2.    Tim Graf (Heidelberg) “Women and Japanese Buddhism”
3.    Xueni Gu (Kyoto) “Considering Gender in Pan-Asianism”
4.    Hyojin Lee (Heidelberg) “The life of elite women in colonial Korea: Yeong-
       suk Choi, the first lady who went to Sweden”
5.    Patrick Vierthaler (Kyoto) “Japanese Wives “Returning” to North Korea: The
       Expatriation Movement from the Perspectives of Race and Gender”
6.    Jaok Kwon-Hein (Heidelberg) “The Gender Politics of naming "rural women"
       in the Development Age of 1960s-1970s in South Korea”

BREAK 15:00-15:30

SESSION TWO 15:30-18:00: What does race got to do with it? Chair: Till Knaudt (Heidelberg)
7.    Tarik Merida (Heidelberg) “The Japanese Anomaly: The Racial Identity of
       Japan in the Meiji Period”
8.    Shuntaro Tsuru (Kyoto) Collecting “Culture of Farmers in Colonial Taiwan”
9.    Takahiro Yamamoto (Heidelberg) “Made by the border: the Japanese image
       of a Kuril Ainu's life”
10.  Kentaro Fujimoto (Kyoto) “Japanese Engineers in the Era of Early
       Industrialization of the Soviet Far East”
11.  Junki Sasaki (Kyoto) "Planung" for Foreign Labor Management in the
       Context of Turkish "Gastarbeiter"

Discussants: Takuma Melber, Collin Rusneac, Nora Bartels, Andreas Eichleter, Charlotte Schäfer


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