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Guest Lecture: Narrative Sets of Buddhist Reliefs Found at Thareli in the Gandhara Region (Dr. Satoshi Naiki, Kyoto University)

Jun 14, 2018 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm
Organizer: Professorship Buddhist Studies

The study presented in the present talk looks into the narrative panels found at Thareli (Pakistan), an archaeological site excavated by Kyoto University Expedition in the 1960s. Judging from their scales, structures, and elements, it is possible to divide these panels into several groups. At this site, it has been possible to recognize 41 sets of panels in total. These panels were attached to 27 stupas. In small areas only with a few stupas, it is possible to assign the panels to particular stupas, but it is not easy to do so in large areas with many stupas. One of the stupa areas surveyed in the present study is noteworthy, insofar as there we find panels on which the depicted scenes are, in most cases, separated by circular pillars or figures in a rectangular frame, and on which the figure of Buddha after his enlightenment is rarely depicted. The nirvana scene can be seen on many panels, and thus seems to have been favored by local people in the days of old.



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