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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

18:00 Welcome: Andreas Eckert (Berlin) and Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg) Alte Aula    
  Introduction to the Conference: Monica Juneja (Heidelberg)      
  Keynote address: Nayanjot Lahiri (Delhi):      
  "Heritage at the Intersection of Politics and People – Indian Archaeology since Independence"      

Thursday, October 13, 2016

09:00 Morning Session I KJC 212    
  Heritage dynamics. Politics of authentication and aesthetics of persuasion      
  Birgit Meyer (Utrecht/Berlin): Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication and Aesthetics of Persuasion      
  Katharina Rode (Heidelberg): National Treasures for Modern Japan – Protective Legislation, Issues of Cultural Authenticity and the Necessity for a Nationwide Cultural Consciousness      
  Markus Balkenhol (Utrecht): Re-fashioning the Ancestors: Post-secular negotiations of colonial heritage in the Netherlands.      
  Annalisa Butticci (Utrecht): The Making of a Transcultural Divinity. The Politics of Religious Heritage in the Gold Coast of Ghana      
  Chair: Birgit Meyer (Utrecht/Berlin)      
10:30 Coffee Break      
11:00 Morning Session II KJC 212    
  Cultural Heritage – Beyond the Salvage Paradigm. Conceptual Formations, Methodological Approaches, Architectural Case Studies      
  Michael Falser (Heidelberg): Cultural Heritage as Civilizing Mission and the Transcultural Pathways of Angkor Wat      
  Gamini Wijesuriya (Rome): Capacity Building Activities of ICCROM: Reaching Wider Audiences and Focusing on Traditional Knowledge Systems      
  Miles Glendinning (Edinburgh): Mass Housing as Cultural Heritage? The Differing Challenges of Reception and Valorisation in Eastern Asia and the West      
  Chair and Discussant: Ralph Bodenstein (Berlin)      
12:30 Lunch Break      
13:30 Afternoon Session Ia KJC 212    
  Contested Spaces and Places: Ruins of the Past and the Presence of Memories      
  Joseph Maran / Thomas Meier (Heidelberg): Introduction      
  Rafi Greenberg (Tel Aviv): Archaeology and the Creation of Antiquities      
  Carsten Paludan-Müller (Oslo): Written in Stone - Written in Water      
  Chair: Joseph Maran (Heidelberg)      
  Afternoon Session Ib Bergheimerstr. 20, Room 045    
  Politics of Heritage Making: German Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean c. 1900      
  Claudia Mächler (Berlin): Unexpected Monuments or how to handle with Cultural Heritage      
  Reinhard Senff (Athen): The excavations at Olympia: In Search for the Ideal Greek Sanctuary      
  Jennifer Pochodzalla (Heidelberg): The Mshattā Façade, Ottoman Heritage Politics and the Resistance of Osman Hamdi Bey      
  Katharina Steudtner (Berlin) / Duygu Göçmen (Berlin): ‘Breaking before Making’. Early Conservation Concepts for Archaeological Sites on the West Coast of Turkey (Didyma & Miletos)      
  Chair: Diamantis Panagiotopoulos (Heidelberg)      
  Afternoon Session Ic KJC 112    
  Mediating Public Heritage      
  Patrick Wertmann (Beijing): New Technologies and Exhibition Concepts for Mediating Archaeological Heritage in China      
  Nadia von Maltzahn (Beirut): Heritage, Tourism, and National Pride: The Baalbeck Festival in Lebanon      
  Ahmed Adam (Khartoum): Measuring Extent of Economic Benefits of Archaeological Heritage Sites in Sudan – Begrawia as a Case Study      
  Harald Fuess (Heidelberg): Industrial Ruins as Cultural Heritage in Japan: Economic Growth Nostalgia in the Age of Abenomics      
  Chair: Carsten Wergin (Heidelberg)      
15:00 Coffee Break      
15:30 Afternoon Session IIa KJC 112    
  Heritage, Decolonization, Nation-State      
  William Carruthers (London): Field Notes: Archaeology, Heritage and the Decolonising Nation-State      
  Sadiah Boonstra (London): Changing Wayang Scenes. The Politics of Heritage Formation in Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia      
  Umut Azak (Istanbul): Canonization of the Suppressed Iconography: Shaping the Memory of the Single-Party Period during the AKP Period in Turkey      
  Nikolas Drosos (Columbia): Reconstructing Old Warsaw / Constructing Socialism      
  Chair: Philipp Stockhammer (München/Heidelberg)      
  Afternoon Session IIb KJC 212    
  Ex Oriente Lux? Classical Music in the Hands of Chinese Musicians—Crisis, Challenge, Chance?      
  Roundtable-Discussion: Inga Mai Groote, Annette Hornbacher, Hsin-yi Li, Barbara Mittler, Dorothea Redepenning      
  and Discussant: Odila Schröder (Heidelberg)      
  Afternoon Session IIc Bergheimerstr. 20, Room 045    
  Archives of Heritage      
  Garima Dhabhai (Yale/Delhi): Excavating the City: Metro Rail Construction and Imagination of ‘Past’ in Contemporary Jaipur      
  Banu Karaca (Berlin): Lost, not Found?: Missing Provenance, ‘Lost’ Artworks, and the Making of Heritage in Turkey      
  Biri Kudzai (Zimbabwe): ‘Written Creeds in the Heart’?: Challenges of African Oral Cultures in Negotiating Contemporary Ethical Challenges in Zimbabwe      
  Susanne Marten-Finnis (Portsmouth): Custodians of the Jewish Textual Tradition. The Heritage of a People Apart Curation and Retrieval      
  Saumya Agarwal (Heidelberg): Conflicting Modernities: Preserving the Wall Paintings of Shekhawati      
  Chair: Hannah Baader (Florenz/Berlin)      
18:00 Keynote Speech: Sinan Antoon (New York/Berlin) KJC 212    
  The Inheritance of Loss: Collective Memory, Collateral Damage, and the Ruins of Ruins      
  Chair: Georges Khalil (Berlin)      

Friday, October 14, 2016

09:00 Morning Session I KJC 212
  Capacity Building and the Politics of Archeology in Times of Crisis  
  Friederike Fless (Berlin): Beginning Again – A Post-Crisis Future  
  Claudia Bührig (Berlin) / Frank Andraschko (Hamburg): Sustainable Development for Heritage and Nature Protection. Transfer and Communication of Cultural and Natural Heritage for Children and Young Adults  
  Hanna Sonbol (Kairo): Taking Egyptology into School: Possibilities and Limits of German educational booklets on Egyptology for schools in Egypt  
  Chair: Georges Khalil (Berlin)  
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Morning Session II KJC 212
  Models of Native Participation versus Claims of Repatriation. Options and Potentials in the Making of the Humboldt Forum Berlin  
  Viola König (Berlin): Native Participation and Claims of Repatriation - Challenges and Potentials in the Making of the Future Humboldt Forum at Berlin  
  Susanne Leeb (Lüneburg): The Value of Time and the Production of Heritage  
  Comment: Henry Keazor (Heidelberg)  
  Chair: Monica Juneja (Heidelberg)  
12:30 Lunch Break  
13:30 Afternoon Session Ia KJC 212
  Rupture, Past, Mediation  
  Omar Al-Ghazzi (Sheffield): The Mediation of Al-Andalus in 2013 and the Arab Transnational Crisis of Meaning-Making  
  Helena Nassif (Marburg): Fictional Paradise: Moral Representations of the Damascene Courtyard House  
  Ana Milošević (Leuven): National Reconciliation or Rupture with the Past: De-Communisation of Yugoslav Memories in Serbian Politics  
  Katrin Stoll (Warschau): On the Culturalization of Political and Social Issues  
  Chair: Daniel König (Heidelberg)  
  Afternoon Session Ib KJC 112
  Selective Amnesia. Exploring and Exploiting Istanbul’s Past  
  Katja Piesker (Berlin): Introduction  
  Richard Wittmann (Istanbul): Fin-de-siècle Istanbul and the life writing of its Ottoman citizens and recent residents  
  Katja Piesker (Berlin): Tophane: From an imperial cannon foundry to a battlefield of urban visions  
  Karin Schuitema / Emily Arauz (Istanbul): Who owns Tophane's past? reproducing, molding and erasing the past of a gentrifying neighbourhood in Istanbul.  
  Discussants: Banu Karaca (Berlin): Urban anthropology / İrem Maro Kırış (Istanbul): Urban design  
  Chair: Katja Piesker (Berlin)  
  Afternoon Session Ic Bergheimerstr. 20, Room 045
  Heritage in Times of Crisis: Transcultural Approaches to Reconstruction and Revaluation in Post-Earthquake Nepal  
  Dina Bangdel (Doha): When Sacred Spaces are ‘World Heritage Sites’: Politics of Reconstruction in Post-Earthquake Nepal  
  Katharina Weiler (Heidelberg): Patan Darbār Square: Restoration and Rebuilding of Cultural Heritage after the Earthquake of 2015  
  Axel Michaels / Manik Bajracharya (Heidelberg): Religious Approaches to Heritage Restauration in Post-Earthquake Kathmandu  
  Roundtable-Discussion: Manik Bajracharya, Dina Bangdel, Marlene Harles, Axel Michaels, Sheelasha Rajbhandari, Davide Torri, Katharina Weiler  
  Chair: Christiane Brosius (Heidelberg)  
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:30 Afternoon Session II KJC 212
  Concluding Roundtable-Discussion  
  Birgit Meyer (Utrecht), Markus Hilgert (Berlin), Rudolf Wagner (Heidelberg), Aloka Parasher-Sen (Hyderabad), Hannah Baader (Berlin)  
  Chair: Philipp von Rummel (Berlin)  


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