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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

17:30 Welcome Alte Aula    
  Prelude by 3peoplemusic Alte Aula    
18:00 Keynote Speech Alte Aula    
  "Scale" as a Problem of Contemporary Ethnographic Practice
George Marcus, University of California, Irvine
  Postlude by 3peoplemusic Alte Aula    
  Reception Bel Etage    

Thursday, October 8, 2015

09:00 Registration & Coffee      
09:30 Morning Session I KJC 212    
  National, Local and Global Scales in the Study of Modern East Asia
Chair: Pablo A. Blitstein, Heidelberg University
  The Scales of “National” Politics: The “Chinese Nation” and the Scope of Political Action in Early 20th Century China
Pablo A. Blitstein, Heidelberg University
  Scales and Frames in Historical Accounts of Hokkaido’s Colonial Development: Reflections on the “Samurai Settlers” Programme
Steven Ivings, Heidelberg University
  Yokohama as a New Space of Global Exchange in the 1860s
Simon Partner, Duke University
11:00 Coffee Break      
11:30 Morning Session II KJC 212    
  “Global" vs. "Local" Scales: A Misleading Distinction?
Chair: William S. Sax, Heidelberg University
  The Birth of the Clinic: Muslim Exorcism Clinics in the UK
William S. Sax, Heidelberg University
  Psychedelic Therapy: The Kaleidoscopic World of German Psychosomatic Medicine
Harish Naraindas, Heidelberg University
  Aligning the Symptom: Transcultural Scalar Practices in the Psychotherapeutic Construction of the Kuṇḍalinī Experience
Dimitry Okropiridze, Heidelberg University
  Global Depression and Local Viṣāda: The Encounter of Three-Dimensional Nosological Scales
Ananda Chopra, Heidelberg University
13:00 Lunch      
14:00 Afternoon Session I a KJC 212    
  Zooming In and Out: Scale and Literary Strategies of Focalization in a Transcultural Perspective
Chair: Hans Harder, Heidelberg University
  Sublime Media: Strategies of Focalization in Islamic TV-Sermons
Jan Scholz, Heidelberg University
  The Dilated Image: A Trans-cultural Experience of Focalisation in Cinema
Sadashivam Rao, filmmaker
  Telling and Showing: Navigating Through Scales of Narration in Bengali Oral Genres
Max Stille, Heidelberg University
  Afternoon Session I b KJC 112    
  Whose Election Is It Anyway? Demarcating Electoral Fields
Chair: Mindia Vashakmadze, Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law, Heidelberg
  Poetics of Patronage: Patron and Kinsmen in Rural Kyrgyzstan
Aksana Ismailbekova, University of Halle-Wittenberg
  The Fabric of Answers: Preparing the Field for Elections in Tajikistan
Sophie Roche, Heidelberg University
  Afghan Elections: A Means of Political Transition, Patronage and Competition
Martine van Bijlert, Afghanistan Analysts Network
  The Shaping of a Local Electoral Field: Insights from Afghanistan’s 2014 Presidential Elections
Said Reza Kazemi, Heidelberg University
  The Opposition: Dealing with Post-Soviet Election Practices
Muhiddin Kabiri, Leader of Islamic Revival Party Tajikistan
  Afternoon Session I c KJC 002    
  Reading Machine: :Machine Reading - From World to Text and Back
Chair: Duncan Paterson, Heidelberg University
  MARKUS: A Semi-Automated Tagging and Reading Platform for Data Collecting and Close Reading in Chinese Studies
Brent Ho, Leiden University
  Linked Open Data on a Small Scale: Social and Semantic Networks of Early Chinese Scientific Terminologies (WSC)
Duncan Paterson, Heidelberg University
  Computerized Data Collection and Analysis: The Chinese Local Gazetteers Project at MPIWG
Shih-Pei Chen, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
15:30 Coffee Break      
16:00 Afternoon Session II a KJC 212    
  Megachurches: Scales of Observation and Knowledge Production
Chair: Katja Rakow, Utrecht University/Heidelberg University
  ‘The Church I see…’: On the Vision and Scale of the Megachurch
Matthew Wade, Australian National University
  Paula White and the City of Destiny: Mapping the Local Church in the Virtual Media Ministry
Kathrin Kohle, Heidelberg University
  Scaling Megachurches: The Case of City Harvest Church, Singapore
Esther Berg, Heidelberg University
  Afternoon Session II b KJC 112    
  Measuring Melancholic Minds: Competing Paradigms of the Normal and the Pathological
Chair: Helena Jaskov, Heidelberg University
Discussant: Eric J. Engstrom, Humboldt University Berlin
  An Expression of National Character or a Sign of Insanity? Debating Melancholy in Russia between 1850 and 1914
Frank Grüner, Heidelberg University
  Hubertus Tellenbach’s Typus Melancholicus: A Case Study about Incommensurate Concepts within Psychiatry
Maike Rotzoll, Heidelberg University
  The Melancholy of Measuring Depression: Statistics and Policies of the World Health Organization, 1990-2015
Stefan Ecks, University of Edinburgh
  Afternoon Session II c KJC 002    
  Inside and Outside Ancient Times: A Modern View on Ancient Cultures?
Chair: Silke Bechler, University of Mainz
  „Das nächste Fremde“: Chances and Challenges in Applying Emic and Etic Perspectives to Classical Texts
Dominik Berrens, University of Mainz
  Missing Concepts and Wrong Thoughts? Examples for Emic and Etic Perspectives on Classical Texts
Katharina Hillenbrand, University of Mainz
  Of Barking Gods and Sacred Signs: Challenges in Applying Emic and Etic Perspectives on Egyptian Sources
Sonja Gerke, University of Mainz
  Becoming an Insider? Examples for Emic and Etic Reconstructions of Ancient Egyptian Concepts
Simone Gerhards, University of Mainz

Friday, October 9, 2015

09:00 Registration & Coffee  
09:30 Morning Session III KJC 212
  Scales of Environmental Knowledge I: Technologies, Representations and Power
Chair: George Marcus, University of California, Irvine
  Processes of Re-Scaling Environmental Knowledge Through Indigenous Tourism Experience: The Lurujarri Heritage Trail in Northwest Australia
Carsten Wergin, Heidelberg University
  The Affective Microbiopolitics of Natural Farming: Zooming in on Microbes, Ferments and Living Soils in South India
Daniel Münster, Heidelberg University
  Brokering Scales of Environmental Knowledge: Making Sense of Organic Agriculture in Pakistan
Julia Poerting, Heidelberg University
  Scales of Sovereignty: Resource Autonomy in an Adivasi Village in Maharashtra
Saee Haldule, Heidelberg University
  Re(pasts) on a Grand Scale: The Transcultural Journeys Of New World Foods to India
Divya Narayanan, Heidelberg University
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Morning Session IV KJC 212
  Scales of Environmental Knowledge II: Waterscapes and Their Boundaries
Chair: Vera Lazzaretti, University of Milan
  Glacier Changes on a Himalayan Scale: Scientific, Cultural and Political Dimensions of a Globally Important Cryoscape
Marcus Nüsser, Heidelberg University
  Scaling the Siachen Glacier: Multiple Cartographies of Knowledge
Ravi Baghel, Heidelberg University
  Measuring Merit, Measuring Sacred Spaces: Aspects of the Waterscape of Varanasi (India)
Jörg Gengnagel, Heidelberg University
  The Flow of Water - and Its (Im)purities: Interpretive Scales of Water Worship, Pollution and Shortage in Indonesian Societies
Annette Hornbacher, Heidelberg University
13:00 Lunch  
13:30 Afternoon Session III a KJC 212
  Scales of Observation and History of Science
Chair: Martin Hofmann, Heidelberg University
  A Different Focus: Western Optics and the Re-Interpretation of the Mohist Canon
Iwo Amelung, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main
  A Mathematician's Gaze on Conics: Looking Globally, Solving Locally
Andrea Bréard, Heidelberg University
  From Heavenly Pattern to Universal Law: Rescaling Truth in Late Imperial China
Joachim Kurtz, Heidelberg University
  Revolutionary Change and Iterative Practice: Understanding Conceptual Change in the History of Mathematics in South Asia (1800-1900)
Dhruv Raina, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  Afternoon Session III b KJC 112
  The Bodies of Women, the Letters of Men: Explaining Reproduction in Ancient Mesopotamia, Medieval England, and Medieval Japan
Chair: Joachim Quack, Heidelberg University
  Women’s Healthcare and Sexual Desire: New Perspectives on the Mesopotamian “Potency Texts”
M. Erica Couto-Ferreira, Heidelberg University
  A Microcosm of Creation: The Thirteenth-Century Schematic Uterus Diagram of MS Ashmole 399
Sarah Griffin, University of Oxford
  Explaining Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth to Women? Buddhist and Medical Knowledge in Sansei Ruijūshō 産生類聚抄 (c. 1318)
Anna Andreeva, Heidelberg University
  Afternoon Session III c KJC 002
  Balancing the Scales: Digital Humanities Tools for Research and Teaching
Chair: Eric Decker, Heidelberg University
  Exploring Generic Workflows for Digital Cultural Heritage
Armin Volkmann, Heidelberg University
  Transforming Knowledge: From Flat Spreadsheet Tables to Structured XML for Linked Open Data
Matthias Arnold, Heidelberg University
  Using Digital Humanities Tools in Class: From First Steps to Productive Operation
Johannes Alisch, Violetta Janzen and Isabela Gatti, Heidelberg University
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:30 Concluding Round Table  
16:30 End of the Conference  

Keynote Speaker

George Marcus

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