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"From Materiality to Entanglement"

October 11, 18.30-20.00 , Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212

Keynote Speaker: Ian Hodder (Stanford)

Chair: Diamantis Panagiotopoulos (Heidelberg)

Certainly things connect, as is clear both from Heidegger's account of things and from much contemporary work on materialities and networks. Much recent research stemming from material culture studies has focused on the ways in which things have an active role in networks, while Actor Network Theory itself explores the ways in which things assemble humans and non-humans into complex webs. My focus on entanglement suggests that this focus on assemblages and networks misses the importance of depth and dependency. In fact, networks of humans and non-humans are more than inter-connected webs - they are also run through with temporal depth, with debts and duties, with inequalities and entrapments. Within webs of human-thing connection there is both dependence (contingent reliance) and dependency (constraint and differential power). Entanglement can be defined as the dialectic of dependence and dependency and as such it is a concept that rescues historicity from human-thing networks.

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Keynote I

October 10, 2012

18.30-20.00 "Trajectories of meaning: the shifting power of things." by Neil MacGregor (London), Alte Aula, Heidelberg University

Keynote II

October 11, 2012

18.30-20.00 "From Materiality to Entanglement" by Ian Hodder (Stanford), Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212

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