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Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow awarded with literary prize

Sep 18, 2009

Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow, honorary professor at Heidelberg University and member of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" as well as the Collaborative Research Centre 619 „Ritual Dynamics“, has recently been bestowed the "DAI Literaturpreis", a literary prize awarded by the Federation of German Architects and Engineers Associations ("Verband Deutscher Architekten- und Ingenieurvereine e.V." / "DAI").

The historian Niels Gutschow has been awarded the prize for his publications on a wide range of topics related to architecture and construction history. Since 1978, he has written extensively on the ruination and reconstruction of European cities during and after World War II. He also disposes of almost forty years of research experience on Japanese, Nepalese and Indian city rituals.

As an architect and monument conservator he was in charge of several conservation projects in Germany and Nepal.

Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow is coordinator of Research Project D4 "Aspects of Authenticity in Architectural Heritage Conservation" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" investigating the aspect of authenticity in monument conservation in different cultural environments.

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  • Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow

    Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow