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Postdoctoral fellowship for Takahiro Yamamoto

Nov 29, 2018

Dr. Takahiro Yamamoto, assistant professor of Cultural Economic History, was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship for Leading Early Career Researchers of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. It will finance his project "Cross-border mobility and documentary identification in Japan in the age of global networking" and offer different networking opportunities.

With the Postdoctoral Fellowship for Leading Early Career Researchers the Baden-Württemberg Foundation supports excellent postdoctoral scientists at a university in Baden-Württemberg who aim for a professorship. The programme is used to permit targeted qualification in the fields of research, lecturing and academic self-administration. Outstanding young scientists who work at a university in Baden-Württemberg are supported in financing their own research project. After a highly competitive selection procedure, up to 20 candidates are selected each year. Each will receive up to 120,000 euros from the state for their post-doctoral research projects over a funding period of three years. Special attention is directed to the networking activities of the postdoctoral scientists who have been selected for the programme.

The aim of Dr. Yamamoto project is to provide a source-based, in-depth analysis of the experiences of travellers crossing the Japanese border in the late nineteenth century and how they negotiated the extent of their mobility with the municipal and national government offices. The project looks at both the development of passport laws and the experiences of the individual travelers who often encountered a less than a complete implementation of those regulations. By analyzing the gap between institution and practice, the project aims to develop a complex narrative of people’s movement across the Japanese borders in the era of emerging Japanese overseas settlement and increasing cross-border movements on a global scale, thereby addressing the gap in the historical research on migration and empire that tends to overlook the phase between the departure and the arrival.

Dr. Takahiro Yamamoto is assistant professor of Cultural Economic History and studies the history of nineteenth-century Japan, focusing on its cross-border connections. His research interests include modern Japanese history, border history, and the history of travel documents. His current research project investigates the development of Japan’s passport system in the late-nineteenth century.

Prior to coming to Heidelberg, he was a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellow (2016-2017), affiliated with Graduate Schools for Law and Politics at the University of Tokyo. He has also served as a Global Perspectives on Society Teaching Fellow at New York University Shanghai.


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