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Annette Hoffmann
Oct 14, 2009

Annette Hoffmann awarded with August-Grisebach-Preis

Annette Hoffmann, member of the Cluster's Research Project D3 "Images of Alterity" has recently been awarded the August-Grisebach-Preis by the Institute for European Art History (IEK) at... read more

Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow
Sep 18, 2009

Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow awarded with literary prize

Prof. Dr. ing. Niels Gutschow, honorary professor at Heidelberg University and member of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" as well as the Collaborative Research Centre 619 „Ritual Dynamics“,... read more

Sep 09, 2009

ESRC awards Dr. Amalia Ribi

Dr. Amalia  Ribi, research fellow and  Project Leader  of sub-project  C6  “Transnational  networks”  has received  a research  award  ... read more

Sep 09, 2009

Emory University honours Prof. Kurtz

Prof. Joachim Kurtz, Cluster Professor of Intellectual History, has received the “Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities“ from the Emory University, USA, in 2009.  read more

Bestowal Ceremony ICAS 6, Daejeon, Korea, 2009
Aug 06, 2009

Dr. Laurent Pordié wins the ICAS Book Prize 2009, Colleague Choice Award

Dr. Laurent Pordié, Coordinator of Research Project C4 "Making India a Global Healthcare Destination", has recently been awarded the Colleague Choice Award of the ICAS Book Prize bestowed... read more