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Mar 05, 2018

Simon Partner publishes New Book

Prof. Simon Partner, who spent a year of research at the HCTS as a Humboldt Fellow from 2015 to 2016, recently published his book The Merchant's Tale. Yokohama and the Transformation of Japan with... read more

Mar 02, 2018

Memorandum of Understanding between Heidelberg and Nepal

Prof. Christiane Brosius initiated a Memorandum of Understanding between Heidelberg University and Kathmandu University in Nepal to form a research-based partnership and foster international... read more

Mar 01, 2018

Dr. Steven Ivings organizes field trip to Hakadote

Former Cluster member Dr. Steven Ivings realized a field trip to Hakadote, which aimed at researching the trade, foreign consuls and merchants of the then "treaty port" in the second half... read more

Feb 27, 2018

Maria Ivanova-Bieg starts "Transcultural Forays"

PD Dr. Maria Ivanova-Bieg, Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Institute of Prehistory and Near Eastern Archaeology, started her project in the HCTS' programme "Transcultural... read more

Feb 26, 2018

Christiane Brosius convenes Workshop in Bielefeld

On February 6 and 7, Prof. Christiane Brosius, HCTS Professor for Visual and Media Anthropology, convened the workshop “Shaping Asia/s. Connectivities, Comparisons, Collaborrations” with Prof. Joanna... read more

Feb 22, 2018

Barbara Mittler gives Seminar Series

Cluster Director Prof. Barabara Mittler and Prof. Sumathi Ramaswamy, Anneliese Maier Research Awardee at the HCTS, held a seminar series on “No Parallel? The Fatherly Bodies of Gandhi and Mao: An... read more

Feb 21, 2018

Markus Viehbeck appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Vienna

Dr. Markus Viehbeck, Assistant Professor for Buddhist Studies at the HCTS, was appointed as Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the... read more