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Dec 10, 2011

Conference on Senses and Rituals

"Exploring the Senses. Emotions, Performativity, and Ritual" was the title of an international conference chaired by Prof. Christoph Wulf and Prof. Axel Michaels. It was held from... read more

Dec 05, 2011

Lecture Series by Birgit Kellner in Taiwan

Prof. Birgit Kellner, holder of the Chair of Buddhist Studies at the Cluster, gave a series of lectures on Self-awareness and Subjectivity in Buddhist Philosophy at the National Chengchi... read more

Dec 02, 2011

Scholarship for Björn-Ole Kamm

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation awards a Ph.D. scholarship to Björn-Ole Kamm, coordinator of research area C "Health and Environment". The scholarship is granted to support his dissertation... read more

Dec 02, 2011

Workshop on Colonial Singapore

"Publics and Public-spheres in Colonial Singapore" was the title of a workshop organised by research project B13 "Tamil-Speaking Muslims". It was held on Friday, December 2, at... read more

Dec 02, 2011

Lecture Series on Global Philosophies: Talk by John Taber

“How Should We Read Indian Philosophical Texts?” was the central question of a lecture by Prof. John Taber (University of New Mexico) on December 1st. The talk is part of the series “Global... read more

Nov 26, 2011

Workshop: Being Young in South Asia

"Being Young in South Asia" was the topic of a workshop from 23 to 25 November 2011 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. It was organised by project A4 "Media, Ritual and Cultures of... read more

Lecture by Naomi Standen
Nov 24, 2011

Jour Fixe on Eurasian Politics

Research Area C "Health and Environment" invited to the Jour Fixe on November 24th. Prof. Naomi Standen gave a talk on Microecologies and Eurasian Politics in the 7th to 12th... read more