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Mar 06, 2019

NHDP added to "Kulturerbe digital"

The "The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP)," which is located at the HCTS and led by the professor for Visual and Media Antropology, Prof. Christiane Brosius, was added to... read more

Mar 04, 2019

Harald Fuess as visiting professor in Venice

During February and March 2019, Prof. Dr. Harald Fuess, the HCTS professor of Cultural Economic History, was a visiting professor at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. He gave a lecture... read more

Feb 28, 2019

Opening of the Nepal Research Bhavan in Kathmandu

The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project, based at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, is one of the cooperation partners that hosted the opening of the Nepal Research Bhavan in... read more

Feb 25, 2019

Monica Juneja at VISCOM Vienna

On February 21, Prof. Monica Juneja, the HCTS professor of Global Art History, talked about the comparative experience of large collaborative projects, such as the Cluster “Asia and... read more

Feb 22, 2019

Rudolf Wagner gives Annual Mote Lecture at Princeton

Prof. Rudolf G. Wagner, former director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and senior professor of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University, held the 2019 Annual Mote Lecture at Princeton... read more

Feb 19, 2019

Feng He gave presentation at CAA New York

On February 15, Feng He, doctoral candidate in the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies at the HCTS, gave a presentation at the College Art Association of America's 107th Annual... read more

Feb 18, 2019

Barbara Mittler and Thomas Maissen talk about new volume

Prof. Barbara Mittler, co-director of the HCTS, and Prof. Thomas Maissen, former director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe," wrote a piece about their book "Why China did not have a... read more