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The HRA provides various services to both students and researchers, from large-scale projects to small consultations and workshops.



The three workstations of the MediaLab provide CATS members and students with professional soft- and hardware for their project work, including professional image and book scanners, advanced image editing software (e.g. Adobe CS6) and specialized OCR tools (Abbyy FineReader). Our team will be happy to assist you on all matters related to visual material and digitization. In collaboration with the HCTS-IT, we also offer trainings for all equipment and software.

Location: Karl-Jaspers-Center at Voßstraße 2, Room 005, ground-floor, east wing.
Opening times: daily.
Make sure you book a workstation in advance (via Sharepoint).

Have a question? Contact us at!

Video Annotation annotation interface

Together with the ZO-IT, HRA offers a Video Annotation platform: allows collaborative annotation of audio and video sequences in different layers for various annotation types: transcription, description, keywords, locations, events.

Videos and annotations can be set to private, group access, or public. Data import and export are possible, using the .srt format.


Training material:

Pandora was presented at the workshop "Annotation of audio-visual data" held at HCH19 - The 2nd Heidelberg Summer School for Computational Humanities 2019. Training material.


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  • Wübbena, Thorsten, Eric Decker, Matthias Arnold. „»Losing My Religion« – Einsatz der Videoannotationsdatenbank in der kunstgeschichtlichen Analyse von Musikvideos.“ In: Grenzen und Möglichkeiten der Digital Humanities. Hg. von Constanze Baum / Thomas Stäcker. 2015 (= Sonderband der Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften, 1). DOI: 10.17175/sb001_018.

If you are interested in using the platform, want to learn more about its features, or wish to upload your own material, please contact us at!