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Ongoing projects

Here we introduce a selection of our ongoing projects. You will also find a list of our past projects further below. If you are interested what digital outcome these projects generated, please go to the “Digital Output” section.

Nepal Heritage Documentation Project

Digital output:
The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP) documents the physical cultural heritage within Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It focuses on endangered monuments, especially monastic courtyards and arcaded rest houses. Information is recorded and made public in the online database "Digital Archive of Nepalese Arts and Monuments" (DANAM). The new digital resource can be used for management, preservation and protection of national and community heritage.

OpenDACHS - A Citation Repository for the Sustainable Archiving of Cited Online Sources

Projectpage: OpenDACHS - Citation repository
Projectpage: Digital Archive for Chinese Studies
DACHS collects and preserves web citations and web resources relevant for Chinese Studies, with special focus on social and political discourse. The main aim is to make the collected data available for researchers and scholars in the future.
OpenDACHS is the expansion of the citation repository for all CATS researchers. It establishes workflows to generate a sustainable archive of cited online sources.

Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO)

Projectpage: ECPO showcase
Digital output:
ECPO joins together several important digital collections of the early Chinese press and makes them available open access. It provides full runs of publications including advertising inserts and illustrations, and a detailed publishing history. For a number of periodicals the project added descriptions on item level: article, image, and advertisement. Each item's content is analyzed by keywords. The project also offers a cross-database agent and data API's for data re-use.