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The film portraits give an impression of the research of selected scholars at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". The film portrait series has been initiatied by the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology held by Prof. Christiane Brosius.

Film with Armin Volkmann on Digital Humanities

This film introduces Dr. Armin Volkmann and his Junior Research Group "Digital Humanities". The group is establishing a body of knowledge for digital methods and standards in the... read more

Film with Melanie Trede on the Circulation of Images

Prof. Melanie Trede and her research on the production and circulation of images are introduced in this film portrait. The historian of Japanese art histories analyses the frames and framings of... read more

Film with Katja Rakow on Pentecostalism

This film introduces Dr. Katja Rakow and her research on Pentecostalism. The Junior Research Group leader examines megachurches and contemporary Christianity in Singapore. read more

Film on Intellectual History with Joachim Kurtz

This film introduces the work of the Chair of Intellectual History held by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz. It shows the different approaches to the discipline and introduces various research projects... read more

Film with Monica Juneja on Global Art History

This film portrait introduces the work of the Chair of Global Art History held by Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja. It shows how this relatively new research field aims to not only master the challenge of... read more

Film with Roberta Tontini on Islam in China

A film portrait introduces Roberta Tontini and her research. The PhD candidate examines the development and changing characteristics of Islamic law in China. read more

Film with Hasan Ashraf on Textiles in Bangladesh

This film portrays PhD Candidate Hasan Ashraf and introduces to his research on transnational garment production in Bangladesh. read more


Film Production

Christoph Bertolo
Frank Pfeiffer