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Notice for the teaching term

The summer semester has started as planned on April 20. Because of the rules on social distancing due to the COVID-19 virus all courses are held in a virtual format. Details on the courses and their implementation can be found on LSF and Moodle. General information provided by the University can be found here.

Staged Public

The HCTS welcomes new guest fellow Prem Poddar

The HCTS is currently hosting Prem Poddar, professor at Roskilde University in Denmark and senior fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Berlin, as a guest fellow. He collaborates with Prof. Joachim Kurtz on a project about the geopolitical history of the Himalayan town of Kalimpong.

New publication on Jesuit heritage by Lianming Wang

Dr. Lianming Wang, assistant professor of Chinese Art History at the Institute of East Asian Art History and HCTS associate member, published a book on the material legacy of the Jesuit mission outside Europe, titled “Jesuitenerbe in Peking. Sakralbauten und transkulturelle Räume, 1600–1800.” The volume offers a thorough insight into the global development of Jesuit art and architecture and contributes to the current debate on global art history.

Two CATS/HRA projects published in conference volume

Two CATS/HRA projects in the field of Digital Humanities have been published in the conference volume “E-Science-Tage 2019: Data to Knowledge.” The paper "Transforming data silos into knowledge" summarizes the results of the ongoing Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO) project. The poster "OpenDACHS: a Citation Repository for the Sustainable Archiving of Cited Online Sources" illustrates solutions to preserve dynamic online contents for research purposes.

Cathrine Bublatzky publishes two new articles

Dr. Cathrine Bublatzky, assistant professor to the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the HCTS, got two new contributions published in leading journals. The articles focus on the material and performative dimension of diasporic aesthetics as visible in the practices of artistic photography and the so-called “archives of migration.”  

MATS Student Voices: the Kyoto Experience and PhD Success

Within the frame of the MATS mobilty programme and the Heidelberg-Kyoto Joint-Degree (JDTS), students at the HCTS have the chance to spend time in Japan as exchangees. Some of our present and former students have shared their insights on how the experience abroad has contributed to expanding their expertise in different fields and kick-starting their academic career.

Monica Juneja receives Opus Magnum from the Volkswagen Foundation

Monica Juneja, the professor of Global Art History at the HCTS, was recently awarded a one-year Opus Magnum from the Volkswagen Foundation for the funding of her ongoing research project in the field of Global Art History. The allocation will support the publication of a monography titled "Can Art History be made Global? A Discipline in Transition," which is expected for the next year.

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Short News

  • Monica Juneja, the professor of Global Art History at the HCTS, has been elected to the Executive Board of the Geschwister Supp Foundation, located at Heidelberg University. Prof. Juneja will also act as the representative of the Foundation Chairperson, Dr. Dorothee Supp. The Geschwister Supp Foundation is a non-profit institution established in 2005 by Heidelberg University alumni Dr. Martin and Dr. Dorothee Supp. It is devoted to supporting scholarship that responds to the challenges of the globalized present, with a particular emphasis on intercultural projects.

  • On May 27, 2020, the Mumbai Mirror published an article about Tasveer Ghar, the digital archive of South Asian popular visual culture founded by Christiane Brosius, the HCTS professor of Visual and Media Anthropology, Sumathi Ramaswamy, HCTS associate member and professor of History at Duke University, and independent filmmaker Yousuf Saeed. The piece, titled Magic in the Mundane, highlights how Tasveer Ghar serves as a trans-national network for the collection and digitalization of the rich visual cultures of South Asia, as well as an educational platform to raise awareness on the importance of popular images as social and historical agents.


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