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The Mediterranean as a Translingual Public Sphere

starting October 2017

The project focuses on the media production of a transnational media network (COPEAM) operating in the Mediterranean, which includes (but is not limited to) most national broadcasters of the region and promotes an inter-professional exchange in the audiovisual sector. More particularly, it concentrates on transnationally co-produced media products, reporting about and discussing current events and issues regarding the Mediterranean from politically and geographically central as well as peripheral localities.

The project analyses the peculiar transculturality of these media products by looking at linguistic, journalistic and media practices, as well as the whole culture of production developed within the media network. For this purpose a transdisciplinary perspective on multilingual and on transcultural media communication will be developed by combining linguistics and discourse studies with media and cultural studies. The results will offer deeper insights into the complex process of building a Mediterranean public sphere and into the fragile but great potential of its vision.

Dr. Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer

Dr. Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer is lecturer for media and cultural studies at the department for Romance Studies of the University of Heidelberg. She holds an M.A. in Italian Studies and History (laurea in lettere moderne, University Roma Tre, Rome) and a Ph.D. in romance philology (University of Heidelberg).

Her research and teaching cover the fields of socio- and pragmalinguistics, media and cultural studies, focusing on inter- and transdisciplinary methods of communication analysis.

In the past she has been junior fellow at the HCTS, working on „Language Diversity in the European Public Sphere(s): a Space under Construction“. Her current start-up project draws on this previous work on multilingual public spheres but shifts the focus to the more complex and less explored Mediterranean media geography. Moreover, Giulia was principal investigator in the project “Transcultural Exchange Processes via Media: Research Content and its Didactic Transformations” at the Heidelberg School of Education. She is Co-chair of the Section “Transcultural Life-Worlds” at the German Society for Cultural Studies.

She has published a book on the radio interview between reality and spectacularization and several articles on media and transcultural communication, socio- and pragmalinguistics, media pedagogy and (auto)biography.

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