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HCTS Stadtgespräche

In recent years, the Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) has established itself as a hub for a transcultural and transdisciplinary dialogue. The “HCTS Stadtgespräch” is our attempt to take this dialogue further, beyond the bounds of the academe and into the city of Heidelberg.

Research at the HCTS, characterized by a strong interdisciplinary spirit, addresses many questions relevant to Heidelberg and its citizens. The HCTS Stadtgespräch intends to serve as a platform facilitating intellectual exchanges between scholars, representatives of the city and the wider public. Making use of the HCTS Stadtgespräch, the HCTS aims to offer a  basis for new joint initiatives that transcend traditional institutional frameworks, go beyond established areas of research and carry the idea of the transcultural perspective into the public, raising awareness and potentially also impacting decision-making processes.

The “HCTS Stadtgespräch” takes place in a public venue in the city and includes at least one representative of the city of Heidelberg. Junior and Senior Researchers associated with the HCTS are encouraged to submit suggestions and ideas for such events, by passing them on to the HCTS’s steering committee.

Past Events

HCTS Stadtgespräch at Heidelberger Kunstverein

On Thursday, May 17, the next Stadtgespräch took place at the Heidelberger Kunstverein. It was the third event in a series initiated at the HCTS to engage in conversations with members of the Heidelberg community. The event featured a performance and roundtable discussion with the Pakistani artist Naiza Khan, Prof. Monica Juneja, Prof. Karin Zitzewitz and Prof. Henry Keazor.

You will find more details on the event here.


HCTS Stadtgespräch about the Massacre in Nanjing

On Wednesday, January 17, at 4 pm, the newly established series "HCTS Stadtgespräch" continued with an event at the Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg. The event "Im Gedenken: 80 Jahre nach dem Massaker von Nanjing", featured readings, a movie presentation and a panel discussion with Thomas Rabe and researchers from Heidelberg University.

You will find more details on the event here.


HCTS Stadtgespräch opened at Karl Jaspers Center

On Friday, November 3 at 3:15 pm, the series "HCTS Stadtgespräch" opened with an event at the Karl Jaspers Center for Transcultural Studies. The event with the title "Building Nature - Stadt, Natur und Kunst" seeked to address not only researchers at Heidelberg University, but also the citizens of Heidelberg.

You will find more details on the event here.