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Each year, the HCTS invites a group of senior and junior fellows to pursue their own research and to engage in discussions with other scholars. A number of places is reserved for scholars from Heidelberg University. External fellows must be in residence in Heidelberg during their fellowship. The period of research can range from six months upto one academic year beginning in October.


Fellows benefit from finest research facilities, the stimulating environment of a multi-disciplinary, and international community of first-rate scholars. 
All Fellows are offered the support of research assistants, library services, and an excellent Digital Humanities Unit. Fellows from Heidelberg University are offered time off from teaching in order to pursue their research projects. Visiting Fellows receive a stipend to make up for losses in (sabbatical) salary and for additional costs incurred by their stay in Germany. 

Fellows are expected to take part in HCTS activities, e.g. attending Dinners given by other Fellows, participating in the HCTS Lectures and offering a public lecture or presentation in a graduate class.


Researchers working on all historical periods, all regions of the world, and from all relevant disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply and to develop new, innovative ways to pursue their research from a transcultural perspective. Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievement and exhibit unusual intellectual promise. Fellowships will be awarded on the strength of a candidate's proposed research project, the relationship of the project to the research initiative, the candidate's scholarly record, and the candidate's ability to contribute to intellectual life at the HCTS.