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Associate Fellows

Dr. Hui-Ping Chuang

East Asian Art History and Buddhist Studies

Associate Fellow

About Hui-Ping Chuang (莊惠萍)

Hui-Ping Chuang is a scholar of East Asian art history and Buddhist studies. She studied Tibetan and Buddhist Studies in Vienna and East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University. At the HCTS, she is working on the research project “The stone sutra project of the Cloud Dwelling Monastery during the Jin Dynasty (1115–1234),” which is a follow-up of her previous work at the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 933 "Material Text Cultures." Combining historical records and recently excavated inscriptions on tombs and steles with analytical and statistical research of the colophons on the stone sutras, the research will add to the understanding of one of the largest epigraphic projects in world history. It also aims at contributing to our knowledge about the history, politics, society and religion during the Jin dynasty.

Her research is funded by a two-year grant of the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation (CCKF) in Taiwan.

Hui-Ping Chuang acquired her PhD at Heidelberg University in 2015 doing research on the colophons of the Cloud Dwelling Monastery stone sutras dating from the Liao (907–1125) as part of her work at the SFB 933. She was also part of the project Buddhist Stone Inscriptions in Northern China at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.