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During their stay fellows are excused from their regular duties to engage only in research and research-based teaching, giving them the time they need to bring all their creativity to bear in an inspiring international environment together with colleagues from their own and other disciplines. Fellows at the HCTS participate in a number of activities to enhance dialogue and exchange with each other.

HCTS Dinners for Fellows

The Dinners, taking place once a month, feature speakers who are fellows at the HCTS. They serve to present ongoing research activities at the Centre and the Fellows' respective areas of specialisation. The purpose is to foster interest and communication between Fellows and Research Groups as well as across the disciplinary delineations. The seminars usually start at 6:00 sharp and are open-ended, combining food for the body and food for the mind. In the current winter semester Dinners are scheduled for October 23, November 20, December 11 and January 9.

HCTS Workshops and Lectures

On enquiry, small-scale workshops or lectures on topics related to the HCTS initiative and the idea of transculturality more generally can be arranged. Scholars from outside the HCTS may be invited to partake in the debates at the HCTS, thus contributing to its scope and testing the viability of its approaches. Primarily however, fellowships are meant to provide researchers with the time and space to conduct their own research without the distractions of daily routine at university. 


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