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Sep 13, 2015

New Book on the Concept of Religion

The concept of religion in 19th-century Japan is the topic of a new publication by Prof. Hans Martin Krämer, member of research projects MC5 "Global Concepts" and MC7 "Political... read more

Aug 28, 2015

Interview with Monica Juneja

The weblog "Transregionale Forschung" published an interview with Prof. Monica Juneja, HCTS Professor for Global Art History. It addresses the potential and challenges of the field of... read more

Aug 14, 2015

Researchers at DAAD Postgraduate Summer School

Barbara Mittler, Emily Mae Graf and Laila Abu-Er-Rub represented the Cluster at the Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies on the theme "Culture in a Global Context". It took... read more

Aug 04, 2015

New Issue of the E-Journal

The new issue of the e-journal Transcultural Studies is now available online. It features articles by Dhruv Raina, Maurizio Taddei, Christiane Brosius, Lisa Bixenstine Safford, and Catherine Yeh.... read more

Aug 03, 2015

Frank Grüner and Helena Jaskov at ICCEES Congress in Japan

Dr. Frank Grüner, Helena Jaskov (MC 11.2 "Melancholy"), and Dr. Kim Friedlander (New York, USA) held a panel at the ICCEES (International Council for Central and East European Studies)... read more

Jul 31, 2015

Summer School has ended

This year's summer school titled "Walking the line – Art of border zones in times of crisis" ran from July 26 to 31. 24 young scholars discussed how art is created and disseminated in times... read more

Jul 27, 2015

Summer School Keynote by Iftikhar Dadi

On Monday, July 27, Prof. Iftikhar Dadi (Cornell University) gave the keynote lecture to the Cluster's 2015 summer school. The art historian, artist and curator discussed contemporary artists'... read more