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Dec 06, 2016

Closing Ceremony of MATS and GPTS 2016

The closing ceremony of the Master and Graduate Programmes 2016 took place on December 1 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. Students of both programs took place in the ceremony with further members of the... read more

Dec 05, 2016

Symbosium by Leopoldina

Prof. Barbara Mittler is Scientific Coordinator of the symposium “Eindrückliche Menschenbilder – Geschlecht, Beziehung und ihre (Be)Deutungen”. The symposium brought together renowned scholars... read more

Dec 02, 2016

Film Documentation “Pearl Harbor”

Takuma Melber, Research Fellow and lecturer in the MATS at the Cluster, was interviewed for in the documentaries “Pearl Harbor” and “Expedition Pearl Harbor” by German TV broadcaster ZDF. The two... read more

Nov 29, 2016

Thurst into heaven

On November 29, at 7 pm, Cluster member Dr. Jürgen Schaflechner screened his film "Thrust Into Heaven" at the Karlstor cinema. The film deals with the highly complex issue of alleged forced... read more

Nov 28, 2016

Barbara Mittler at Studium Generale

On November 28, Prof. Barbara Mittler gave a talk on "Das Bild in meinem Auge. Die Genese des "chinesischen Traums" - China und Europa im langen 20. Jahrhundert". In this talk,... read more

Nov 24, 2016

Fourth Heidelberg-Kyoto Graduate Student Workshop

An international graduate student workshop on global economic history between Heidelberg and Kyoto Universities took place on December 2 at Karl Jaspers Centre. Entitled “Global Economy in Europe and... read more

Nov 21, 2016

New Book on War Crimes Trials in Asia

Dr. Kerstin von Lingen, Independent Research Group Leader at the Cluster, edited the new book “War Crimes Trials in the Wake of Decolonization and Cold War in Asia, 1945-1956: Justice in Time of... read more