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Jun 08, 2017

Movie projection „Pacific War – der Krieg geht weiter“ (ZDF-History)

On Saturday, June 10, Cluster member Takuma Melber gave an expert talk, which followed the ZDF movie projection “Pacific War – der Krieg geht weiter” (ZDF-History). The movie dealt with the ongoing... read more

Jun 07, 2017

Joseph Maran gave Ventris Memorial Lecture

Prof. Joseph Maran, Director of the Cluster “Asia and Europe”, gave the “Michael Ventris Memorial Lecture” at the University of London on May 17. It focused on “Tiryns-From the Rise of Its Palace to... read more

Jun 07, 2017

Talk by Swetlana Torno

On Thursday, June 8, Ph.D. Candidate Swetlana Torno gave a talk on “Old age care as a life course management strategy: Perspectives from women’s lives in Tajikistan” at the conference “Culture,... read more

Jun 06, 2017

Maksym Grinenko accepted into IUC program

Maksym Grinenko, PhD Candidate in the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS), was accepted into a ten-month advanced language program at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language... read more

Jun 02, 2017

Lecture by Monica Juneja

On June 6, Prof. Monica Juneja gave a public lecture on "Alternative, peripheral or cosmopolitan? Modernism and the Challenge of Globality". Her lecture focused on recent studies that look... read more

Jun 01, 2017

New Book by Susan Richter

Cluster member Susan Richter, co-edited the volume “Herrschaft und Glaubenswechsel. Die Fürstenreformation im Reich und in Europa in 28 Biographien“. In reference to the „Lutherjahr“ 2017, the book... read more

May 31, 2017

Awards for Svenja Nagel

Dr. Svenja Nagel, former Ph.D. student and Associate Member of the Cluster “Asia and Europe”, received the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise as well as the Heidelbgerg Academy of... read more