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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Cluster was to enhance the understanding of the multi-layered interactions between and within Asia and Europe - an area of great significance for academia as well as for contemporary society and politics. This has been achieved by examining the processes of exchange between cultures and establishing the concept of transculturality as a basic approach in the humanities and social sciences.

In the first funding period, from 2008 to 2012, the Cluster scholars focused on analysing the shifting asymmetries in cultural, social and political flows. Building on this foundation, during the second funding period, until 2017, they analysed the development of the dynamics of Transculturality between and within Asia and Europe.

The Cluster pursued the following aims:

  • making the dynamics of transcultural interaction into a field of research with strong institutional grounding and high international impact,
  • systematically exploring the analytical potential of the notion of transculturality on the empirical, conceptual and methodological level,
  • strengthening the links between the rich expertise in Asian studies, humanities, and social sciences at Heidelberg's comprehensive university,
  • increasing the Transcultural research potential by creating career paths for young scholars and by working with Asian institutions and scholars rather than just on Asia.