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HCTS Professorships

The Cluster has established several professorships in order to foster academic exchange and deepen the already existing expertise in the participating disciplines. The professors closely interact with the Cluster's Research Projects, the Junior Research Groups as well as the Ph.D. students to stimulate theoretical and methodological debates within and between the Cluster’s four research areas. They are Permanent Fellows at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) and actively involved in teaching the MATS and the GPTS.

Buddhist Studies  

As a result of its spread within and across Asia and Europe, Buddhism provides us with a particularly rich, and in many ways unexplored, archive for the study of transcultural dynamics in the longue durée, and across a variety of historical and social settings. Owing to the transcultural characteristics of Buddhism, its academic study strives to transcend the boundaries of regionally focused disciplines, such as Classical Indology, Chinese and Japanese Studies, while remaining rooted in them to ensure the cultural literacy that is essential for a substantial understanding of Buddhism in diverse contexts.

More about the chair of Buddhist Studies...

Cultural Economic History

Seeking to explore the cultural dimensions of economic behaviour, Cultural Economic History analyses historical transcultural flows of ideas, people and goods. By using this comparative approach to research, Cultural Economic History goes beyond the regionally or nationally confined studies of classical economic history in order to fully understand the relationship between cultural formation and economic development of Asia and Europe.  

More about the chair of Cultural Economic History ...  

Global Art History

Art history has so far been one of the disciplines most firmly rooted in hermetic and regionally limited analytic frameworks. As art and writing about it has been intimately tied to a variety of projects of identity formations, especially nationalist ones, this is not astonishing. Such a paradigm, however, precludes insights into the cultural dynamics and entanglements that lay beyond that which is transmitted through discourses of cultural purity and originality and the forms of cultural essentialisms they sustain.  

More about the chair of Global Art History ...  

Intellectual History

Intellectual historians have long moved beyond studies of "what intellectuals say and do" and begun to ask more general questions about the production and circulation of knowledge. The scholars working at the chair of Intellectual History add a transcultural dimension to recent work in historical epistemology or Wissensgeschichte by examining how concepts, theories and the practices they inform are reconfigured in global flows.   

More about the chair of Intellectual History ...  

Visual and Media Anthropology

Images and media have been mediators and sources of transcultural encounters and entanglements in the past, and increasingly so, it seems, in today's globalised world. The role of images in the context of diverse cultural processes and historical phenomena is acknowledged yet, at the same time, still a marginal field within the Humanities. Visual and Cultural Anthropology seeks to investigate the social agents of media production, dissemination and consumption/reception in order to better understand the shaping and re-shaping of images and media in socio-cultural contexts and the influences exerted of one on another.

More about the chair of Visual and Media Anthropology ...  


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  • Beschäftigte/Beschäftigten im Verwaltungsdienst (w/m/d)

    Das Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) sucht zum frühestmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/einen Beschäftigte/Beschäftigten im Verwaltungsdienst (w/m/d) zur Unterstützung des Professors für „Cultural Economic History“ (CEH) sowie zentraler administrativer Aufgaben des HCTS-Direktoriums,...

  • Akademische/r Mitarbeiter/in (Assistant Professor), Buddhist Studies

    The Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) at Heidelberg University is looking to appoint a full-time “Akademische/r Mitarbeiter/in” (equivalent to Assistant Professor / Maître de Conférence) within its Department of Buddhist Studies. The assistant will be expected to teach in the...

  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Modern Chinese Intellectual History

    Heidelberg University seeks to appoint a Postdoctoral Researcher in Modern Chinese Intellectual History for a fixed term (2 years) full time position starting on 1 July 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter. The candidate will work with the Project Leader, Prof. Joachim Kurtz, on the collaborative...