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Research and Mentoring

Research and Mentoring

In line with our equal opportunities statement, the Cluster sets out to guarantee the best possible working conditions and support for all of its members. To further gender equity in all scientific fields and to promote young researchers, the Cluster and the Equal Opportunities Office provide a range of assistance measures, funding programmes, and individual advice.

A range of scholarship programmes was initiated to encourage female researchers and to support them in their ambition for an outstanding academic career. To provide additional support along the way, the university’s “Mentoring and Training” programme offers financial support and organises various events to promote the career prospects of female scientists. 

In order to get visiting scholars off to a good start at Heidelberg University, the Welcome Centre for international scientists provides individual support with regard to all areas of life in Heidelberg. 

Careers Service

The Cluster regularly informs about current job openings and funding programmes from all around the world. This information is meant to further the careers of young researchers by providing a first access point in their search for funding or career opportunities. Individual appointments can be arranged for specific requests concerning career planning. Furthermore, the Cluster invites postdoctoral researchers and young scholars to its annual Career Day, where participants can take part in job application training and learn about their respective fields of work from professionals.

For further information visit the Cluster’s Careers Service.

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Welcome Centre for International Scholars

The Welcome Centre serves as a central information and service point for international scholars visiting Heidelberg University. The Centre provides all essential information and individual support with regard to all areas of life in Heidelberg, including the search for an apartment, visits to authorities, kindergartens, and leisure time. 

Welcome Centre
University Administration
Seminarstr. 2, Room 141
69117 Heidelberg
Phone: 0049 6221 54-2134/3612
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10am - 1pm

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Mentoring and Training

The Mentoring and Training programme was initiated by the Conference of Equal Opportunities Commissioners at Universities in Baden-Württemberg and is supported by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts. The programme aims to support young women academics on their way to a professorship. Therefore, it helps the participants to develop their career profile and to build up network platforms and informal contacts. Moreover, the programme also organises training and personal counselling in the areas of didactics, career planning, and application procedures. 

For more information visit the homepage of the Equal Opportunities Office.

Funding Programmes

The Equal Opportunities Office informs about important funding programmes for young researchers and female academics. The Olympia-Morata-Program, the Aid Fund, the Schieben-Lange-Programme, and Margarete-von-Wrangell-Programme, which are mentioned below, are only four out of a broad range of different programmes. 

This programme provides research positions for outstanding young female academics in order to support women scientists with their postdoctoral lecture qualification at Heidelberg University.

Aid Fund
The Aid Fund assumes costs arising from unexpected or emergency situations, such as the travel expenses for a child or the financing of the last months of a research project.

This programme of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts aims to increase the number of women academics at Baden Württemberg’s universities by helping mothers to reconcile their family and work obligations.

The Margarete-von-Wrangell-Programme provides financial support for women academics during their Habilitation process. 

For more information on funding programmes see the homepage of the Equal Opportunities Office. 

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