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Equality and Diversity

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In appreciating the diversity of its members as its greatest potential, it is one of the Cluster’s main objectives to promote equal opportunities and fair treatment. Thus, the Cluster sets out to advance the structural framework essential for the compatibility of family and career as well as for the active support of all of its members.

The Cluster is committed to the fair treatment of all members, regardless of their age, gender, disability, family status, religion, or nationality, understanding diversity as an essential prerequisite for international competitiveness and innovation. The diversity within the ranks of the Cluster’s employees and students represents its greatest potential, seeing that the Cluster’s scientific aim is the interdisciplinary research and analysis of cultural exchange processes. 

It is therefore a central responsibility of the Cluster to advance the institutional involvement of equal opportunities, of adequate funding and counselling as well as of measures supporting the compatibility of family and career.

To attain these aims, the Cluster works closely together with partners and services of Heidelberg University and other institutions formed to pursue equal objectives. Among these institutions are the university’s Equal Opportunities Office, the Studentenwerk and numerous services initiated by the City of Heidelberg.  

The Equal Opportunities Office of Heidelberg University

The university’s Equal Opportunities Office is the main contact point for issues regarding individual funding, equal opportunities, and the compatibility of university, family, work and research. Furthermore, the Equal Opportunities Office informs young female academics about research funding programmes. 

Equal Opportunities Office

Hauptstraße 126

Phone: 0049 6221 54-7697


Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 9am - 12pm

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Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Heidelberg University as well as each of the faculties have appointed equal opportunities commissioners to individually supervise the progress of equal opportunities and fair treatment at Heidelberg University. 

Every faculty has its own equal opportunities commissioner (see list of equal opportunities commissioners), who represents the university’s general equal opportunities commissioner. The faculties’ equal opportunities commissioners provide direct contact for student and academic requests concerning the implementation of gender equality measures.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Kellner, the Cluster Professor for Buddhist Studies, currently holds the post of equal opportunities commissioner of the Faculty of Philosophy at Heidelberg University. Prof. Kellner is therefore the contact person for all faculty-related questions concerning equal opportunities.

The equal opportunities commissioners at the Faculty for Modern Languages are Dr. Anja Holderbaum for the department of Linguistics and Dr. Sandra Kluwe for the department of Literature.

At the Factulty for Behavioural Sciences and Empirical Culture Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ursula Christmann is the appointed equal opportunities commissioner and Dr. Elisabeth Kaifer holds the same post at the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences. 

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Women’s Representative at Heidelberg University

Ulrike Beck is the women’s representative at Heidelberg University. Her main task is to represent the interests of women who are employed in the non-scientific area of administration and in the technical sector at the university.

Women’s Representative
Hauptstraße 126
69117 Heidelberg
Phone: 0049 6221 54-3660/3661

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Disability Access at the Karl Jaspers Centre

Due to its listing as a protected historic building, the Karl Jaspers Centre can not be rebuilt to provide wheelchair access. Also, there is no elevator available to access the upper floors of the Karl Jaspers Centre.

If disability access is needed, please contact Annette Kobler prior to your visit to the Cluster. We will then ensure access to the building and upper floors upon your arrival.

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