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Equal Opportunities

The Cluster of Excellence is committed to the fair treatment of all members, and its organisational structure is based on equal opportunities, diversity, and gender equality. 

This commitment is strongly reflected in the Cluster’s multinational community, its striving for a balanced male-female ratio in all its administrative and scientific branches as well as in its promotion of a family friendly working environment and in the support of young researchers.

In order to provide the best possible working conditions and infrastructure for its members, the Cluster concentrates – in close cooperation with other services and partners at the Heidelberg University and other institutions – on three main issues: equality and diversity, family services and child care, and research and mentoring. Our initiatives are supported by an administrative team that provides an encouraging environment for all Cluster members, regardless of their gender, status, religion, age, family status or nationality.  

Equality and Diversity

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In appreciating the diversity of its members as its greatest potential, it is one of the Cluster’s main objectives to promote equal opportunities and fair treatment. Thus, the Cluster sets out to advance the structural framework essential for the compatibility of family and career as well as for the active support of all of its members.
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Family Services and Child Care

Family Services and Child Care

To promote a better compatibility of family and career, the Cluster informs its members about childcare facilities at Heidelberg University and offers assistance when needed. The wide range of short and long-term childcare programmes, job-sharing opportunities and student support services guarantee a family friendly working environment.
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Research and Mentoring

Research and Mentoring

In line with our equal opportunities statement, the Cluster sets out to guarantee the best possible working conditions and support for all of its members. To further gender equity in all scientific fields and to promote young researchers, the Cluster and the Equal Opportunities Office provide assistance measures, funding programmes, and individual advice. [read more...]



Dr. Oliver Lamers
Scientific Project Manager

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg
Phone: 0049 6221 54-4005
E-Mail: lamers@hcts.uni-heidelberg.de

Further Information

For up-to-date information and upcoming events please visit the homepage of the Equal Opportunities Office. 


You can find the informative newsletter "Gender and Diversity" on the homepage of the Equal Opportunities Office.