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Research Area Coordinators

The Research Area Coordinators ensure the smooth operation of the Cluster’s four research areas. Therefore, they work closely with the speakers of the respective research area and manage all organisational and administrative matters.

Among many other tasks, the Research Area Coordinators organise all meetings of the research areas. At least once per year, a retreat for all members of the research area is held for academic exchange where projects and their work progress is discussed in an interdisciplinary environment. In addition, the Research Area Coordinators organise the Jours Fixes twice every semester during which internal and external scholars present topics related to the Cluster agenda . Moreover, the Coordinators foster the communication and collaboration between the academics within the projects, the Graduate Programme of Transcultural Studies, and the administrative departments as well as between the four research areas. As they are both part of the administration and the research areas, they mediate between the perspectives and needs of the Cluster’s structure and that of the individual researchers.

The RA Coordinators can provide you with orientation in research environments and workflows within the Cluster. If they don’t know an answer themselves, they certainly know whom to ask. They will lend you a helping hand whenever you are unsure about workflows concerning organising conferences and lectures and questions regarding staff changes or student assistants etc.