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1 Doctoral scholarship: "Subaltern Diplomacy"

16. Nov. 2012

Within the research project "Subaltern Diplomacy 1930-1960" the Cluster of Excellence ‚Asia and Europe in a Global Context' invites applications for one doctoral scholarship (1200 € p. month).

The research project starts November 1st and is limited to a 3 years duration, the scholarship starting preferably December 1st. 2012. Applications are welcome until November 30, 2012.

The PhD position addresses a graduate student with qualifications needed for pursuing a PhD in history at Heidelberg University (for general requirements see Prior conditions for successful application are fluency in English and/or French and in Modern Standard Arabic or other Arabic language.

The PhD project participates in a research project on subaltern diplomacy. This research project combines two unusual perspectives on decolonisation and diplomacy in times of war and reconstruction from the 1930s to the 1960s based on a transcultural approach. Research interest and methodology are closely connected to the database LONSEA (see ) with the aim of  exploring agencies hitherto not considered in the history of diplomacy: stenographers and translators, exchange students, typists, temporary collaborators, consultants, and secretaries from all over the world, all working in/for a certain time in international organisations. The advertised PhD project will investigate preferably Islamic networks which connected people and institutions from the Middle East with international organizations (e.g. discussing the question to which extent Ikbal Ali Shah could  claim to speak for the Islamic world in the League of Nations secretariat).

Applications have to include a cover letter with an outline of a PhD project which fits into the research design mentioned above. Recruitment process starts with November 1st until position is filled.

University of Heidelberg is an equal opportunity/affirmative-action employer. In case of equality of qualification and suitability of applicants, the applications made by female researchers will be given preferential consideration. We also encourage and welcome applications from persons with disabilities.

Please send application (in digital form only) to Graduate Programme Manager Oliver Lamers (


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