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Here is an overview of the administrative departments and some of their services:

  • Scientific Project Management
    Management of Administration Team, Contracts, Applications for Budget,
    Vacation and Sick Notes, Application for Leave, Visiting Scholars and Associated Members, Human Resources, Head of Finances, Member of Steering Committee, Applications to Steering Committee and Directorate, Event Management

  • Finance Department
    Business Travel Authorisation, Travel Expense Claims, Reimbursement
    of other Costs, University Cash Deposit

  • Students and Careers Service, Library Management
    Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies, Master "Transcultural Studies", Questions about the Library

  • Press and Public Relations
    Announcement of Cluster News, Templates for Posters and Folders, Media Training, Maintenance of the Cluster Website, Typo3 Training,

  • Publications Office
    E-Journal, Book Series, General Questions about Publications

  • IT Department
    IT Support, Equipment (Notebooks, etc.), Internet and Network, Sharepoint

  • Facility Management
    Maintenance of the Building, Room Arrangements, Office Supply

  • Assistants to Professorships
    Buddhist Studies, Cultural Economic History, Global Art History, Intellectual History, Visual and Media Anthropology