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Library Management

In order to enable an extensive knowledge about the Cluster’s main research focus on transculturality, the library provides more than 2.000 books for scholars and students. The Library Management is responsible for purchasing new books, managing the loan and help with questions regarding the Cluster’s library.

To get to know a few interesting books, a “Worth reading!” series have been initiated. On the Cluster’s Facebook page you can find short descriptions of books on various topics concerning transculturality.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a catalogue of all KJC books?

Yes. For the link in Heidi click here.

How can Cluster members borrow a book from the library?

To ensure availability for all Cluster members, books can only be taken out for a short period (max. one week) and only to your Cluster office. Please note that books may not leave the KJC-building.

When you borrow a book, make sure to fill in a library ticket with the book title, your name and telephone number. This guarantees that other Cluster members can easily retrieve the book if they need it. Insert the ticket in one of the plastic place-holders and place it on the shelf where the book stood. To avoid confusion, please make sure to remove the place-holder and throw away the used ticket once you return the book.

What are the library's opening hours?

The library is frequently used as a seminar room and therefore access is limited. Official opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 pm.


Opening Hours

Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 pm.