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IT Department

The Cluster’s IT department is a central back office located in the Karl Jaspers Centre. It is responsible for the planning, installation, configuration and administration of the IT infrastructure of the Cluster. Beyond the daily tasks of an IT department, the long term goal of the Cluster IT is the move from basic network and system administration towards knowledge management in the humanities. The aim is to build an e-Science infrastructure, as it is also aspired by the “Working Group IT Strategy” at Heidelberg University and recommended by the German Council of Science and Humanities. This means that the working processes of collaborative and interdisciplinary research of the Cluster are facilitated or even made possible by a comprehensive computer and IT service infrastructure.

This includes first of all the administration of the network infrastructure and the server systems for user authentication (Active Directory), e-mail (Exchange), data storage (file server), collaboration (SharePoint) and backups (TSM). Furthermore they take care on the acquisition of hardware and software, the installation and maintenance of client computers (notebooks and workstations), conference support, videoconferencing, and provide lending of IT equipment (digital cameras, voice recorders etc.) as well as trainings and tutorials for all IT services of the Cluster. At least, the IT staff helps you with problems with the computers, software, printer, copiers, etc.

Especially for the second funding period of the Cluster, the IT Staff offers updated services for every Cluster project, professorship and department. They provide new preconfigured tools to support the project members and their research, such as a new SharePoint site for collaboration with your colleagues and project management, a folder on the Cluster’s file server for data storage, an E-Mail Distribution List and an Adobe Connect Meeting Room for videoconferencing and chat to improve the network within and between research groups and external researchers.

Contact the IT Department

Matthias Kirchner
Network and Systems Manager
Phone: +49 6221 54 4358
Fax: +49 6221 54 4012
E-Mail: it@hcts.uni-heidelberg.de