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Finance Department

The Finance Department handles all budgetary and monetary issues. This includes not only the Cluster budget but in the end also the budgets of every single research area, mini cluster, chair and research project. In total, the Cluster has about 50 different budgets and more than 2.500 transactions per year.

In its day to day business, the Finance Department manages all kind of requests and transactions ranging from business travel authorisation to travel expense claims both for permanent Cluster members and guest speakers. Moreover, the Finance Department cooperates with Heidelberg University’s Central Department in managing the payroll and prepares the annual financial statement for the Cluster.

The Finance Department is one of the first offices to approach when organising a conference. Among many other issues, it can provide you -in cooperation with the university’s cash office- advance payments for catering, for example. Moreover, the staff can advise you how to deal with guest speakers. But you can also contact the Finance Department regarding issues such as work contracts.

Contact the Finance Department

Petra Kourschil

Phone: +49 6221 54 4007
Fax: +49 6221 54 4012