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Facility Management

Centrally located in the foyer of the Karl Jaspers Centre, the Facility Manager has a key role in maintaining the building and the Cluster’s offices. He ensures not only the accessibility to the facilities and machines around the clock but also maintains the historic structure of our old, beautiful Victorian-style Karl Jaspers Centre.

Among many other tasks, the Facility Manager is responsible for the office furniture and the keys for the entire building. Moreover, he manages office supplies such as flipchart paper, copy paper, folders and pencils.

In case you like to organise a conference or workshop at the Karl Jaspers Centre, Christian Porsche can advise and assist you in preparing the conference room. Usually, room 212 is equipped in hollow square (workshop style seating) but a different set-up is also possible.

Contact the Facility Management

Christian Porsche
Facility Manager
Phone: +49 (0) 6221 54 4382
Email: facility‐management@hcts.uni‐heidelberg.de